• Planting - Perennials, Shrubs, Trees, Hedging, Native/Dryland Plant Material and Riparian Plant Material.
  • Grass - Rolled Sod/Turf and Lawn Seed Preparation and Install. Eco Lawn Seed*
  • Synthetic Lawn - Preparation and Install. Variety of products available, including Putting Greens.
  • Fencing - Cedar Split Fencing.
  • Dry Creek Beds and Feature Rocks - Adds and element of diversity and anchor points throughout the landscape.


  • Retaining Walls – Blast Rock, Round (Boulder Style) Rock, Allan Block and Lock Blocks.
  • Patios and Walkways – Paving Stones, Concrete Slabs, and Decorative Aggregates.
  • Water Features – Pondless Water Features, Natural Rock Fountains.


The Installation of waterwise and low maintenance landscapes, paired with hardy plant material suitable for surviving the cooler winters and hot summers of the Okanagan climate. Areas are usually topped with a decorative landscape rock, or bark mulch.


Irrigation - Residential, commercial and agricultural

Irrigation Services, Design, Install and Maintenance.

  • Drip Systems - These micro irrigation systems play a huge roll in water and nutrient conservation. The goal is to allow water to drip slowly to the roots of plants, either above the soil surface or buried below, which minimizes evaporation. This method is essential for any planting in the dry Okanagan climate.
  • Underground Systems - These systems are efficient for watering large areas such as lawns, and larger planting beds without landscape fabric, however, they’re more susceptible to overspray and evaporation in hot/windy conditions.


  • Excavation and Backfill - Concrete and asphalt preparation, land grading, driveways and parking pads, water and sewer line repairs and replacements, rain water/downspout leaders and drain pits.
  • Invasive Tree and Shrub Removal - Follow safe and proper procedures for the removal and disposal of invasive species. (Tree of Heaven, Russian Olive, Siberian Elm, ETC).
  • Non-Invasive Tree and Shrub Removal - Orchard and vineyard, household plant material and brush.

These services are offered through our Parent Company CRL Group Holdings Inc. Click HERE to visit their website for all your excavation needs.

Bulk Landscape Supplies

*Bulk materials sold by: Bag/Bucket, Half Yard (1 Scoop), Yard (2 Scoops), Dump Truck Load

*Payment Options: Cash, Cheque, Debit/Interact, Visa, Mastercard


  • Organic Soils – Vegetable Garden Blend, Compost, Topsoil, Manure, Subsoils. 
  • Bark Mulch – Local Blend Mulch (Spruce, Pine, Fir), Red Fir Mulch, Black Premium Mulch.
  • Aggregates – Decorative Landscape Rock, Bedding Sand, ¾”- Gravel, ¾”-2” Drain Rock, Oversized (2” +) Round Rock.
  • Feature Rocks/Retaining Wall Material – Blast Rock, Round Boulders, Drilled Water Feature Rocks.
  • Landscape Fabric – Full 4’ and 6’ rolls, and by-the-foot pricing
  • Fabric Pins – Container, and bulk pricing


Delivery Services: We offer Single Axle, Tandem Axle, and 26’ End Dump trucks servicing the entire Okanagan and beyond!

Pricing: Call for pricing 

*CRL Landscaping & Irrigation Inc. assumes no responsibility for damage to customers property caused as a result of using access routes, loading or unloading (directions specified by the customer).*

*Due to material costs and availabilities beyond our control, product and pricing are subject to change without notice.